KPC composites wiki offers pathways for innovation and optimization

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Companies involved in composites manufacturing can now turn to the Composite Knowledge Network’s (CKN) Knowledge in Practice Centre (KPC) for access to world-class composites knowledge. The KPC offers open access to a wiki style resource that provides practical knowledge as well as case studies and expert perspectives.

“Composites are transforming manufacturing in nearly all industries by delivering superior products that are stronger, safer, lighter and cleaner,” explains Anoush Poursartip, Co-Director of the CKN. “The KPC was designed to reduce barriers and allow Canadian industry to quickly ramp up composites expertise. Our team is focused on translating academic knowledge for immediate application by industry, with the expectation this will help companies innovate and stay competitive.”

The KPC provides foundational and systems knowledge, a systems catalogue, as well as three workflows: development, troubleshooting and optimization. Recordings of Application + Impact (AIM) webinars are available through the KPC, and feature composites experts discussing a variety of topics, including process challenges and solutions. Knowledge is presented in three levels according to the complexity of the subject being covered, making it inclusive of those new to composites as well as advanced practitioners.

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