September 2019 Newsletter

With over 120 academic and industry attendees, CANCOM 2019 was a great event to officially launch the CKN at and it was well received by everyone! The presentation on the CKN was given by Anoush Poursartip at the welcome reception, and both of the co-leading organizations, University of British Columbia and Composites Innovation Centre, were there to support. Over the course of four days, the attendees participated in over 25 speaker sessions, engaged with peers and made new connections in industry.

The CKN’s involvement included:

The pre-conference workshops:

Processing and Process Simulation of Advanced Composites: This was comprised of 4 modules: Introduction to Manufacturing Processes for Composites, Introduction to Composites Process Simulation, Introduction to Machine Learning in Engineering Applications and Review of the Manufacturing Processes for Boeing 787 and 777X.

Introduction to Machine Learning in Engineering Applications: This was an introduction to basic methods of machine learning, followed by specific applications of emerging ‘theory-guided machine learning’ to composites processing.

The Women in Composites session:

This session discussed gender equity in the engineering profession with a particular focus on the area of composites. The event included a panel of female professionals from academia and industry, who shared their personal stories and career advice. Everyone in the room participated in an open-forum positive discussion and brought insights from their own experiences.

We are excited to continue discussions and engage with the attendees from this event and look forward to what is next for the CKN!