Events and Webinars

CKN offers a variety of event and webinars, including in partnership with others in the composites community. Our Application + Impact (AIM) and Equity, Divertity and Inclusion (EDI) events allow SMEs and industry members to network with and learn from the foremost experts in the composites field.

Virtual Coffee Break Series on Diversity and Inclusion


SAMPE Canada, CKN and CACMSA are organizing a series of virtual coffee breaks to discuss a variety of subjects related to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). Topics will include the importance of D&I, mentorship, allyship, how to make your workplace more inclusive, unconscious bias, and more. Everyone is welcome to join. Our first presenter is Courtney ... Read more

Fibre Architecture: Availability, pros and cons, and selection for my application

Selecting the form of fibre, often referred to as the fibre architecture is a critical decision during the development process. Fibre architecture has a significant effect on cost, processability, defect generation, design/geometry limitations, damage tolerance, and other outcomes of a composite part. Individual fibres are grouped into bundles of thousands of fibres called tows. These ... Read more

Special Webinar: Strengthening the Canadian Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystem: What types of intellectual property matter, and to whom?


Innovation in advanced manufacturing is essential to maintaining and growing good quality jobs in Canada, as well as ensuring domestic supply of critical products. There is great pressure to move advanced manufacturing production offshore to lower labour cost jurisdictions, in order to improve margins. An alternative way to improve margins and profitability is through product ... Read more

Understanding polyester resin processing: the effect of ambient temperature on final part cure

Controlling the curing parameters of resin, often referred to as thermal management, has a significant effect on the outcome of a thermoset polyester resin and therefore the overall performance of a composite part. Allowing polyester resin to cure under ambient conditions is the most common technique used in industry. One major drawback of this technique, ... Read more

Composites Process Simulation: A Review of the State of the Art for Product Development

A fundamental concept in materials science is that process history leads to microstructure evolution, which in turn determines mechanical and functional properties. For composite components, where the material is transformed at the same time as the component is created, the local process history is a function of the whole processing system which includes material(s), part ... Read more

The Composites Knowledge in Practice Center – une ressource ouverte pour les connaissances et les meilleures pratiques en matière de fabrication de composites

Les composites sont des matériaux incroyables quand tout va bien - ils permettent des produits innovants et autrement impossibles. Mais la fabrication est difficile et une aide est souvent nécessaire pour développer, optimiser et dépanner les processus. Parfois, l'aide nécessaire est une orientation directe sur les meilleures pratiques spécifiques pour traiter un problème immédiat, et ... Read more

The Composites Knowledge in Practice Centre – an open resource for composites manufacturing knowledge and best practices

Composites are incredible materials when things go right – they enable innovative and otherwise impossible products. But manufacturing is difficult, and help is often needed to develop, optimize and troubleshoot processes.  Sometimes the help needed is direct guidance on specific best practices to deal with an immediate issue, and sometimes there is time to expand ... Read more

Tissu non serti avec le Dr Julian Lowe de Teijin

Les tissus non sertis (NCF) peuvent offrir des opportunités pour des structures légères améliorées. Dr Lowe a travaillé pour Teijin Carbon pendant 26 ans, en tant qu’ingénieur de développement, ingénieur de qualification, responsable du groupe aérospatial et depuis un an en tant que responsable du développement commercial. Il a été impliqué dans le développement et ... Read more

Non Crimped Fabric with Dr Julian Lowe of Teijin

Non Crimped Fabrics (NCF) can produce opportunities for improved lightweight structures. Dr Lowe has worked for Teijin Carbon for 26 years, as development engineer, qualification engineer, Aerospace Group Manager and for the last year as Business Development Manager. He has been involved in the development and qualification of  NCF materials for Airbus structures including work on the wings of the ... Read more

Deconstructing composites processing: Why it seems so complex and how to think about it in a structured way

Composite materials come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. While this allows for flexibility in tailoring the design, it also results in many different possibilities for manufacturing, which can seem complicated and daunting. However, despite there being numerous choices for manufacturers, the complexities often associated with composite material processing can be deconvoluted and approached ... Read more

Parameters for Structural Analysis of Composites

Structural analysis of composites requires material properties such as elastic and strength values. Physical testing, handbook/database values, micromechanics, and classical lamination theory are all sources of these properties; but when are they valid and what are their advantages, disadvantages, hidden challenges and quirks? When you need nine unique values just to define the elastic response ... Read more