Events and Webinars

CKN offers a variety of event and webinars, including in partnership with others in the composites community. Our Application + Impact (AIM) and Equity, Divertity and Inclusion (EDI) events allow SMEs and industry members to network with and learn from the foremost experts in the composites field.

AIM Webinar: Porosity in Composite Materials – Part 2


Composite materials inherently contain defects, which introduce variability and often restrict their mechanical properties. Among these defects, porosity is one of the most prevalent and can negatively affect both the structural integrity and aesthetics of the material. The presence and extent of porosity are largely determined by processing parameters. Previously, we presented a comprehensive list ... Read more

Introduction to Composites Sustainability


It was thought that the use of composite materials would lead to a net positive environmental impact through their use in aircraft, wind turbines, and hydrogen pressure vessels, among other applications. The reality is that most manufacturing practices used to produce these composite parts are highly inefficient, producing copious amounts of waste for which we ... Read more