AIM Events and Webinars

Application + Impact (AIM) events and webinars provide an opportunity for SMEs and industry members to network with and learn from the foremost experts in the composites field.

Latest Past Events

Virtual Coffee Break Series on Diversity and Inclusion, with Dr. Sampada Bodkhe


Join us for our next Diversity & Inclusion Coffee Break, featuring Dr. Sampada Bodkhe, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, coming up on Friday, January 27, presented by CKN, SAMPE Canada, CACMSA and CREPEC. In this series of virtual coffee breaks, we discuss a variety of subjects related to ... Read more

Simulation models for rapid liquid composite molding


High-fidelity prediction of the performance of composite structures is helpful for product development and is used increasingly more often by industry. The type of manufacturing process and process conditions will influence the material microstructure and induce defects, which will ultimately impact part performance. Liquid composite molding processes utilizing dry reinforcement fabrics and snap-cure liquid resins ... Read more

CKN’s Approach to Developing Products with Composite Materials


There are many approaches used to develop products. Products made from composite materials, however, are unique in that processing has a great effect on the outcome. This webinar will introduce the Knowledge in Practice Centre’s (KPC's) approach to composite product development. The development process for composites is an iterative cycle that requires careful consideration of ... Read more