AIM Events and Webinars

AIM events and webinars provide an opportunity for SMEs and industry members to network with and learn from the foremost experts in the composites field.

Introduction to the processing of thermoplastic composites


Thermoplastic composites offer several advantages over the more conventional thermoset matrix composites such as better toughness and impact resistance, unlimited shelf life, good solvent resistance, potential for low processing time and recyclability. However, thermoplastic composites also present a number of challenges like higher processing costs caused by their processing conditions. This webinar serves as an ... Read more

Introduction to the welding of thermoplastic composites


When fabricating a composite structure, subcomponents need to be assembled. For conventional thermoset composites, this is done using adhesive bonding or mechanical fastening. In the case of thermoplastic composites, welding, also called fusion bonding, can be used as a joining method. Welding offers several advantages over the other joining methods as it is a fast ... Read more

Case Study: Optimizing a Press Moulding Process


Many of our previous webinars have introduced knowledge, theories, and background information on composite materials. How do we put these into practice and use them to make engineering decisions to obtain our desired outcome? In this webinar we will take a thorough look at a case study on the optimization of a thermoset prepreg press ... Read more